Tom Whitty & The Sheep's Head

Tom WhittyWe are indebted to the late Tom Whitty, a founder member of the Sheep’s Head Way, born in Philadelphia, settled on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula in the 1980s with his wife Suzanne and family. Inspired by Jim Leonard, a life long walker and mountaineer who initially recognised the potential of the Sheephead Way as a walking destination, Tom joined a small local walking group and saw at first hand the potential of the area and the idea of the Sheepshead Way was “born”.

A local Committee was formed, under the guidance of Tom Witty and James O’ Mahony, a local farmer. Due to the Trojan work of this committee, the walk was researched and developed and put in place within 18 months. In July 1996, Mary Robinson (then President) officially opened the walk gaining an “All Ireland Award” for development and quality techniques.

Unfortunately, Tom’s accidental death in July 1998 has robbed the Sheep’s
Head community of this inspiring community leader. Tom’s academic
skills and his humanity, his interest in future development of the Sheep’s
Head Peninsula and his commitment made him unique and will always be

Tom will forever be remembered by the memorial at Gorteanish, erected by
the community.